lunes, 30 de julio de 2012

Halcyon & on (& on)...

I have decided to write a blog for many reasons. I want to help people close to me keep track of what I am doing. I want to have the story of this summer written down somewhere to be able to remember what really happened when I begin to fill in the gaps of reality with fantasy. But I am also doing this to push myself out of my comfort zone and to expose myself and my writings.

Although I never thought this day would actually come, my stay in New York is finally coming to an end. I have very mixed feelings about it. Whenever I walk down a street in the city and realize that it might be the last time in a long while, I feel like sinking my fingernails in New York so that it'll never leave me. But at the same time I realize that because this experience had a date of expiration, it was much more intense and I tried to make the best out of it before time ran out. I have learned that trying things outside of the comfort zone might take you to places and people that you wouldn't have experienced otherwise. And by doing this, I have met amazing people who have touched my life and changed me. I have been very happy.

And happiness is what gives this blog its name. Halcyon days comes from a greek myth about a couple named Alcyone and Ceyx. Ceyx went on a trip across the sea to see the Oracle, but his ship sunk and he drowned. His body washed on the shore and was found by Alcyone, who threw herself in the sea out of dispair. The gods were touched by their story and allowed them to be reborn as kingfishers. During the winter, the gods would calm down the sea and winds for seven days during the winter, so that the kingfishers could build a nest on the water and lay their eggs. The week during winter where the sea is calm and free from storms is known as halcyon days. Shakespeare later on picked up this expression and gave it the meaning of "times of calm, peace and happiness". Even later, a pharmaceutical company gave the name Halcion to Triazolam, a  benzodiacepine prescribed as a sedative and against insomnia.

I wish I would have written a blog about my stay in New York, but I would have never had the time to sit down and write about the insane amount of edible bagels we found while dumpster diving, unplanned siestas in the Coney Island-bound subway or mid-July New Year's Eve parties with Macaulay Culkin. My time in New York was halcyonic in terms of happiness, but now I want to write about whatever comes afterwards.

Halcyon, after one week of healing

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