miércoles, 22 de agosto de 2012

1741 km of Nevada, Utah and Arizona landscape

I have to be honest. I'm not really in a narrative mood because I'm kind of tired and I'm kind of waiting for our flight to Long Island, which should take us to Oakland but there's a thunderstorm and it looks like we might miss our connection. Either way, I do feel like sharing a couple of pictures from our extensive roadtrip through the great states of Nevada, Utah and Arizona. We visited quite a few things, of which I may or may not write later on (mainly, the glorious town of St. George, Zion National Park, Grafton ghost town, the Coral Sand dunes, the even more glorious towns of Kanab and Colorado City, the North and South rim of the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell and part of Route 66).

First of all, tons of credit is due to Julia, the human GPS who took us through the entire road trip without a proper map. Credit is also due to our wonderful rental car, Mac K (which I call fondly "the Culky"). Culky did us a great service, taking us 1741km across all sorts of terrain in three states. He was a fine car to drive, didn't get stuck when we tried to drive through dunes, gravel and random sandy places. And Culky was a good place to sleep in when we had to improvisedly camp at Lake Powell to spend the night.

Now, pictures.

Leaving Las Vegas (Nevada)
Somewhere between Las Vegas and St. George (Arizona)
Somewhere between St. George and Zion Park (Utah)
Close to Grafton ghost town (Utah)
Somewhere between Grafton and Colorado City (Utah)
Coral Pink Dunes (Utah)
Somewhere close to Zion Park (Utah)
Somewhere near Kanab (Utah)
Buffalos near the North rim of the Grand Canyon (Arizona)
Middle of nowhere (Arizona)
Somewhere near Page (Arizona)
Somewhere closer to Page (Arizona)
Vermillion cliffs, (Arizona)
Somewhere between the South rim of the Grand Canyon and Flagstaff (Arizona)
Somewhere near Flagstaff (Arizona)
Route 66 (Arizona)
Hoover Dam (Nevada)

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