lunes, 10 de septiembre de 2012

Km 11,631: Mazunteando

After an adventurous night in which the roof of our cabin was almost ripped off by a gigantic storm, we started to make our way back to the airport in Puerto Escondido to catch our plane back to Mexico City. Our bus ride was livened up by a vendor who was selling ointments with natural ingredients capable of healing ovary pain in grown women and treating bedwetting in children (note: the ointment has to be rubbed on the right side in girls and the left side in boys for it to be effective). He also had chamomille extract drops to treat all eye ailments, ranging from infections, to cataract, myopia and retinal diseases. Su precio habitual es de 60 pesos, pero sólo por hoy, llévese uno por 30 pesos o 2 por 50 pesos. All this to the sound of a neverending marimba concert.

We made it back home to Mexico City and we actually hit the 12,000 km mark in the process. I promised I'd upload some pictures, so here they are.

Landing in Puerto Escondido
View from our cabin

Sunset at Punta Cometa

Sunset at Punta Cometa

Jules and I (Punta Cometa)

Sunset at Punta Cometa

Freakishly large praying mantis that kept flying into our faces, trying to mate with us and rip  our heads off

Luisandoval, renaissance man

Dogs chilling out under the sun

Luisandoval, the dog whisperer

Beautiful little Mazunte

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