martes, 6 de noviembre de 2012

Meer liefde voor Nijmegen

I guess I have been busy with too much excitement and adventures to update in the past few days. Little hearts have been popping around Nijmegen in the past few weeks. Graffiti hearts, that is, along with the sentence "Meer liefde" (more love).

I've also noticed that, when riding the bridge on the right bicycle lane from Nijmegen towards Lent, there are metal hearts nailed to the the structure of the bridge. I really wish I knew the story behind this one and I wonder if the idea behind both streams of hearts is the same...

I have been raking my brains trying to find something insightful to say about love or about whatever pushed these urban artists to embark on this bizarre graffiti "liefde" and "meer liefde" campaign. I end up censoring myself, with the excuse that the things that come to mind sound foolish and naive or sometimes a bit cynical. I'm going to skip the ramble about people I love or things that make me feel loved, to ramble about why this graffiti has caught my attention. Another frequent graffiti in Nijmegen, a cartoon bird with little Xs in its eyes (for everyone to know for sure that it's dead) has been appearing over the last couple of years on electricity boxes in Nijmegen, but it doesn't really intrigue me. I've also gawked at the "Pirates of the Waal" graffiti on the way from the train station to the university and stopped to take pictures of the menacing shark and octopus, but I don't sit down to wonder who did those.

But this one really makes me sit down and wonder. Who is this graffiti Jesus who wants there to be more love? And why does he care enough to vandalize public property asking us to love more? Is the message behind the graffiti that we all take a conscious and collective decision for "meer liefde"? What are we supposed to do with this additional love? Should I examine my own life and ask myself if there's enough love in it? I'm not sure what it is, but I'm under the impression that graffiti Jesus is on to something...

In other news, Markus and I have managed to find Orion's belt up in the sky, visible around 2 AM.

2 comentarios:

  1. Are you sure it's the same artist for each one? I see some common tags obviously get copied, so perhaps this happened in your neck of the woods? Nice shots, though!

  2. Probably not. But I like my version of the story better, so I'll stick to it. ;)